Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Mom: Have those sheets washed.
Me: I thought you wanted to throw them away?
Mom: Yes but now I'll just have them washed.
Me: You only changed your mind when I told you theres a lot of them.
Mom: I know. Thats why Im having them washed!
Me: Hahaha.
Derek: Whats with all the blood thirst?Me: What? I like gory movies. Im a bit intense aren't I?
Derek: With your taste, yeah.
Mom: Where are the sheets your lolo used?
Me: Why?
Mom: According to superstition, you have to throw away the things he used.
Me: You believe in that?
Mom: No. But there's no harm in doing it.
Me: So should I throw away the mattresses and pillows he used?
Mom. NO. Those are expensive.
Me: Hahaha.
Libby: May nagreact na?
Me: ako.
Libby: Ano sinabi mo?
Me: Relax.
Libby:Ang plastic mo! haha
Me: *smiles*
Libby: Panalo ka.
Tess: You know the billboard along Edsa? You look like the guy there.
Derek: Really?
Mariah: Yeah its the Cinderella billboard.
Derek: I dont buy from there. They sell womens clothes.
Me: They also sell Men's clothes in Cinderella.
Tess: You really do look like the model for Cinderella.
Derek: I look like Cinderella?
All: hahaha
Merc: Blog mode!
Me: That's my line!
Merc: Dedmakels!
Me: hahaha

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