Friday, July 16, 2010

Common courtesy?

Has someone ever told you that they'll text or call you and then you wait for hours and hours and hours and then nothing, nada, zilch. Or how about this, despite your busy schedule you make it a point to text someone to remind them something in case they forget it or you just text to remind them that you actually care and after a few dozen messages, you dont even receive any response? Annoying isnt it. But you just tell yourself that maybe the person is busy. You try to make the effort but its somehow unacknowledged. You start to wonder and ask yourself, 'may pakialam kaya to?'.

Of course you can't complain or anything because it was your choice but lets say you've been working for 9 hours and then you go on a 6 hour trip and all you want is to talk to someone to turn your crappy day upside down. But maybe asking for one measly text is already asking for too much.

This is what im trying to say and ill keep this post short because im blogging from my iPhone and typing something this long is a bitch. When you say your gonna text someone, text them especially if they've sent you a dozen messages beforehand. Its true that your not obligated to reply but theres something that we call common courtesy and others call it respect. Nag-eeffort ang tao na i-text ka at kahit wala ka sigurong pakialam sa kanya, sumagot ka naman kahit 'ok' lang ang isagot mo. Maybe the person is trying to tell you na naaalala at iniisip ka nya. Common courtesy naman kahit koti lang dahil at least may isang taong nakakaalala sayo.

Yun lang.

Good night kids.

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