Sunday, July 4, 2010

Jackie, TriNoma, and iPhone cases

Last Thursday I received a text from my bestfriend Jackie saying that she might be coming to Manila but knowing her, I didn't pay that much attention to it because she's always busy with work so there's a good chance she might cancel...again.

Friday morning while I was at work I received a txt from her asking me to call her when I have the time. So I immediately went on break and called her and the first thing she said was,

"Im on my way to manila now. Where do you wanna meet up?"

"Seryoso ka ba!?" I said blurted out.

"Abay malamang! Nasa Tarlac na ako" She said

I swear to God I felt my heart stop. I was trying to absorb everything. Eventually I snapped back to reality and told her to meet me in TriNoma. So the day passed by, the anticipation and impatience in me building up. At exactly 6:45pm we saw each other and I hugged her like I've never hugged anyone before. The last time I saw her was in February and that was only for about 2 hours.

We went to dinner at Crustacea, it's this Asian Buffet in TriNoma. Quick note on that, the food was incredible. The dimsum tastes exactly like the dimsum in Hong Kong and the Roast Angus was to die for. Of course being the people we are, pictures all around.

After dinner and a few sticks of cigarettes, we walked around Trinoma for some light shopping. After that, since both of us are iPhone users and we both have the white iPhone, we decided to go to my house so I could install apps on her phone and update her iPhone to IOS4.

"Sosyal ang bahay. Centralized and aircon!", was what she initially said upon seeing the house.

"It was my Mom who picked the house. I just moved in".

"Panalo! Dito na ako magstastay sa susunod na pagpunta ko.", she added.


While waiting for the OS update and app installation to finish, we decided to take more pictures.

My iPhone case that I bought in HK.

"Akin na lang", she said pleading.

"Bumili ka nang sayo. They're selling it at Power Books for PHP645", I replied.

"Mahal dun eh!", she said.


It was Jackie who pointed out that 3 of my iPhone cases has the colors of the Philippine Flag.

At my balcony. She still comments on how I smoke but she knows I don't listen.

It was an unforgettable night. Good food, good music, good times. That night I remembered why we've been bestfriends for the past 6 years or so. She knows me inside out, she's the bestfriend anyone could have. I miss her dearly, and now that she's gone back to Dagupan I feel sad. Jackie coming here felt like a dream, a sweet surreal dream but now the dream has ended and I feel a little empty once more. I feel like I'm back where I was 3 months ago when I moved to Manila. I know she's just a text or call away but nothing beats having her here with me.

I miss you and I love you Bes in more ways than words could ever express. Looking forward to your next visit.

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