Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Congratulations Bongga!!! Nag level up ka na!!!

I would like to take this chance to congratulate my good friend Barbra "Bongga" Lozano who is the newest CS Trainer. The very first day we met, we already talked about wanting to be trainers so when the opening for the trainer position came, she applied for it. I didn't apply because I just started in our Poker Department and besides lets face it, Bongga is a lot better than me when it comes to the account aminado ako dun. 90% of what  I know and  learned when I was in Customer Service, I learned from Bongga. I learned from the best and I could not think of anyone else more deserving than her. Sige umapila kayo!

Bongga you are one of my closest friends and I am so happy for you. You have seen me at my strongest and at my weakest and because of that dear, alabyu. Now that you are where you want to be, own it. Show those who may not believe in you (uyyy issue) that you deserve to be where you are because you worked hard for it so they can eat their hearts out. Never change that devil-may-care attitude that we all have in common because that is what sets all of us apart.

Again dude, congratulations. Nag level up ka na!



Anonymous said...

Thank you my dear. Alabyu too!

Anonymous said...

hehehehe...we are so proud of you ate bongs!..kung iba nakuha dyan..magwawala aq! hehehehe..congrats ate bongga! BONGGA KA DAY!

Leslie Lim said...

You have done a great work. Thanks for making this blog. You helped me a lot on my research topic. Keep it up guys!