Sunday, July 18, 2010

Something from Libby...

A few days ago, I was talking to Libby and she was asking me what was bothering me. I wasn't in the mood to talk about it so I told her that I was ok and that I would tell her once I go on emo mode even though I was that time. She suddenly said, that she knows I have a lot of drama and hang-ups in life but she was proud of me kasi masayahin parin daw ako and thats why I'm her closest friend in the office because she doesn't like negativity from people.

I was honestly touched by this and even though I'm not that vocal about it, Im really glad that I have friends like Libby here in manila. Alam nyo naman ugali ko, it's hard for me to find friends na nate-take ang pagiging moody ko or mga jokes ko that borders between sarcastic and insulting. AHHHHH! Basta, Libby I know you read my blog but like I always tell you, dedma. Alam ko na hindi ko sinasabi kung ano ang nangyayari sa akin and I always leave you guessing but thank you for understanding me and my insanity. Thank you also for the wonderful words you said, because for a few minutes I felt happy and forgot about the things that are bothering me. You know exactly what to say when I'm down to lift me up. Like what I always tell you and Bongga, "You know me oh so well".

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Anonymous said...

Naku..I know...heheheh...somewhere down the road you will find your other half..=)