Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Conversations (haven't done this in a while)

Me: Get a mullet. Lesbians can rock that.
Lyve: I'm not a lesbian.
Me: Not today.
Lyve: I'm not a lesbian.
Me: Not these days.
Lyve: Well...uhh...You bastard!!!
Me: It's called friendly competition.
Sig: You? Friendly competition?!
Me: Oh you know me so well.
Sig: Hahaha
Derek: Hey what's written on your shirt?
Me: My blog is better than yours!
Derek: We'll see about that.
Me: Haha
Lyve: Relax beb.
Me: I can't relax! My interview is in 15 minutes.
Lyve: Breathe.
Me: I need you to distract me. Talk dirty to me!
Lyve: What the hell is wrong with you?!

Me: We're so mean!
Bongga: That's why we're friends!
Me: I know!!!

Me: That's your reason for breaking up with her?

Zeik: It's what I'll use as an excuse.
Me: Well aren't you an ass?!
Zeik: Told you I can be cruel as I can be kind.
Me: ....I'm so proud of you! I taught you well!

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