Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My day today...

Today I woke up late. Considering I have 4 phones and one alarm clock, I didn't notice any of them go off. So it's either I forgot to set them last night or I just slept sounder than usual. Anyway, I was 30 minutes late for work. To think I had 2 days unpaid leaves and now I was 30 minutes late, goodluck nalang sa sweswelduhin ko next payday.

It was a slow day today, I didn't receive that many calls or mail. At around 11:30 I had a meeting with my boss. He just wanted to check how I was doing so far, if I had any concerns or something. The 30 minute meeting turned into an hour. I told him I had no problems and that I was having a blast. The whole time we were just talking about stuff until he brought up the topic about my blog. Apparently he's read parts of it. At first he didn't know it was my blog. He was wondering who "Adam" was. He asked DT, who's also read my blog and DT told him that I was Adam.

I know that some of my officemates read my blog but now that my boss knows about it, I should be more careful. LOL Im jesting. Sayang plano ko pa naman mag lagay ng mga blind item dito. Hahaha. Joke ulit. I normally write about my day at work but i'll never mention anything that'll get me in trouble. I've been down that road back in college, I have no plans of having another round of that brouhaha. Besides ayokong makatanggap ng love letter from our HR department. Friends ko pa naman mga tao dun.

After work, I went to Trinoma to have a late lunch/early dinner at Tokyo Tokyo. I didn't eat lunch today. I haven't had any appetite these past few days. I bought a new cologne since I already ran out. I walked around, smoked a few sticks then I went home and did a few chores. I ironed a ton of clothes, something I will never do again. Siguro 2 or 3 shirts kaya ko pa pero yung ganon kadami eh hindi na. Naman kasi, para kong pinagplantsa ang buong maynila. Next time, magbabayad nalang ako ng tao. Laundry I can still handle because I just toss my clothes into the washing machine and spin dryer but ironing is a big no no for me. Tama nang ma-experience kong mamlantsa ng bedsheet ng unang beses sa buhay ko.

So that was my day. Medyo boring, kulitan sa office, meeting with the boss, emo moment sa Trinoma. At least I'm feeling better these days and my mind is no longer in a rut. Time to go to bed.

Goodnight kids.

P.S. Blog stats have been incredible. Thank you.

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