Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This made me think...

"Okay, so here's my theory: I think I'm single not just because my standards are ridiculously high, it's because I like 'em that way." - Bookie Buquir aka callboi.


I saw this as Bookie's status message on Facebook and it actually made me think. I've been on this weird trip about being alone here in Manila. Sure I have friends at the office and I love them a whole bunch but it's still different.

When I read this on Bookie's page, thats when I realized that I'm single because of my standards. I have unbelievable standards for having friends, imagine how ridiculously high it is with finding a lover. But I don't know. I've been hurt by love one too many times and I guess that for now I'm enjoying my life. A friend of mine once said that I can't be genuinely happy being single because I'm alone. I told him to shut the fuck up and piece together his own life that was going down the crapper. I said it in a nice way so as to not appear rude.

But yes there are times when I think that I should settle down or start a new life. But then I realize, I'm still having fun. I don't care what society says, I can be single and happy. Finding someone who can meet my standards is close to impossible but I like my standards that way and even some of you out there would hate or never  admit it to yourselves, but you like your standards the same way too. Im pretty sure you're a bit confused as to where I am going with this but like Lyve describes me, I am "a paradox within a paradox". So go figure.

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