Thursday, July 29, 2010

Congratulations Rowie!!!

Congratulations to my good friend Rowie Ros who just got promoted as the newest Customer Service Senior Representative. Panalo ka Rowie. Nag level-up ka na rin. I'm so proud of you, and everyone from our batch is super duper proud of you.

By the way kids, Rowie was my batchmate in training. Less than four months palang and napromote na sa Poker ang tatlo sa amin, and napromote naman na Senior si Rowie. See people, good things happen to good people.

As long as you are happy with what you have, love what you do, work hard, be mindful of the things around you, and always keep your feet on the ground, God smiles upon you and gives you countless blessings.

Teka nga at medyo kinikilabutan ako sa mga pinagsusulat ko dito. Basta I am super happy for Rowie na Senior na sya, actually lahat kami happy for her and she knows why. Secret nalang yung dahilan, kasi it's only between us.

I know you'll do great Rowie. You are a breath of fresh air and I'm sure you'll do a great job guiding and assisting the newbies on the floor. Basta Rowie pag dumating yung time na Manager ka na, ikaw magapprove ng leaves namin ha. Hehe.

Again, Congrats.

Bonne chance mon ami.


Rowie said...

Thank you so much my good friend Anton :) Honestly guys I am so overwhelmed.. up to now ha-ha! I wont reach this far if not because of your support guys, I really appreciate it and of course I am so proud of you guys, You are all well deserved of what I got as well take note of that hehe, cyempre hindi lng aq dpat lhat tau da bah! Love you all! Just chill!

Anonymous said...

ehem..congrats baks..I'm happy for you..thanks nga pla sa ice cream hah..heheheheh