Friday, July 30, 2010

Movies I've watched so far!

During my days off from work, you'd normally find me at Trinoma or SM North Edsa or Glorrieta walking around. And during those days, I normally just watch movies. So these are the latest 3 movies I've watched over the past 2 weeks.

Best Movie:

This movie was completely and utterly mind-raping. After watching it, I felt so violated but in a good way. First 20 minutes of the film, I honestly could not understand what the hell was going on. Bakit may matanda? Bakit sya nasa dagat? Bakit ganito? Bakit ganon? After they got out from all the dream levels, I finally understood what was happening.

The movie was great, the graphics were amazing, the story oh wow. I can't remember how long has it been since I enjoyed a movie that way. I have found a new respect for Leo DiCaprio. He's good pala, because when I hear his name, all I can think of is Titanic.

The ending of the movie was heart-pumping, I could actually feel the tension inside the cinema while everyone and I could feel Bookie squeezing my left arm. Oh yeah I was with Bookie when I watched Inception. I was feeling kinda down that time so he treated me to a movie. Hindi ko parin alam ang ending ng movie because they rolled the credits before we could see if the top would keep on spinning or topple over. Christopher Nolan you sneaky bastard.

Mediocre Movie:


I've been waiting for this movie for MONTHS and when it was released, it's been getting scathing reviews from almost everyone. Nevertheless, I liked the cartoon series and I promised myself that I would watch this damn movie no matter how much it would suck.

First of all I liked the special effects, the way they presented how to bend or manipulate the elements were actually realistic. The story was mediocre at best considering they actually followed the first book of the TV series.

Ok now for the ugly. I hated most of their shots especially their extreme close-up shots. Sorry naman, Masscom ako eh. As in close-up kung close up, it was very distracting.

The guy who played Zuko who starred in that movie I promised myself I shall never watch did not look anything like the Prince. First of all, the original Zuko looked Chinese, not Indian. Second, almost half of his face was burned, eh yung nasa movie parang may pimples lang sa gilid ng mata eh.

The kid who played Aang was...bleh... Albeit he could kick and jump and do all that martial-arts shit, but thats where it ends. He doesn't have the kid-like qualities of Aang, the innocence, and the humor of the original Aang.

The girl who played Katara. Ok...why was she white?! Isn't Katara suppose to be brown skinned, like her brother Sokka who was played by the guy from Twilight whose name I couldn't remember because he's not famous and his acting is only good when he stares into blank space.
Ok so from a scale of 1-10, I'll give the movie a 4 out of 10. It didn't live up to it's hype. To bad M.Night.Shyamalan. Almost got it.

Horrible Horrible Movie To The Nth Power:


Okay...this movie...was the worst movie I have ever watched. It sucks. It blows. I've seen dogs having sex that are more interesting to look at. The way the story was presented, obvious na ginaya nila ang  format ng Paris, Je Taime and New York, I Love You. I'm not gonna make this post long because I don't need some self-righteous patriotic people breathing down my neck. Basta, hindi ko alam kung ano or sinong demonyo ang sumapi sa akin at naisipan ko tong panoorin. Kung kelan pa naman, tumataas na ang respeto ko para sa pelikulang pilipino eh biglang dumating to.

I dont even know why some people enjoyed this movie? Someone share their 2 cents worth and tell me what's interesting about this movie. Well that was money well spent and two hours of my life I could never get back.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the info..just watching the trailer I thought it's a good movie...I support Filipino Movies I just hope they can be more creative, I appreciate more those Filipino Movies' in 70's to 80's, because during those time "We love our own", now unfortunately some of them gets the idea from foreign films.