Monday, July 26, 2010

How happiness can come from an e-mail...

Yesterday, I woke up really early for some reason even if I slept at around 3. Basically I only had 5 hours of sleep and still, I woke up feeling energized. It's like I was on crack or something. I arrived at the office an hour early so I bought a small bag of lays, a sandwich, and a bottle of iced tea at 7/11 for breakfast.

After eating, I went to my desk and logged in to my computer and checked my mail. After a few minutes I received an email from people we normally dread. It was from the QA evaluators.

"Oh shit", I told myself.

I starred at it for a minute then I took a deep breath and opened the email. Apparently it was sent to me and DT. It had my name, the date and who evaluated me. Attached were files which included the report of my evaluation. I mustered all the courage in me and I opened the attachment. It was the very first time I received an evalutation so pinagpawisan talaga ako ng malamig. Since it was my first, I had no idea how to read it.

When I browsed it, I saw my score...and it was...100%.

"OH MY GOD!", I exclamied. I turned around and I saw that DT was looking at me. He did this gesture telling me not to tell anyone.

"Is this for real?", I said.

"Open the other email.", he said.

"But there's only one"

"You were sent another one", he answered.

"Is it the same score?", I asked excitedly.

"Just open it", he said.

I checked my inbox and saw the other email. I opened it, excited and scared at the same time like a little boy who's opening a gift on christmas morning and wondering if he got the gift he wanted.

100% was the score on the second one. I was floating on air. It was an orgasmic feeling.

"Im gonna go smoke and yell over there for a minute", I told DT. He responded with a laugh.

The whole day I had this smile on my face which made me look like I slept with a hanger in my mouth. Aside from that, I got my 3rd month performance review the day before from one of the managers and I was very pleased with the scores he gave me. I wasn't expecting them to be that high.

Later that day, I sat down with DT for a one-on-one meeting where he discussed my QA evaluation. He said he didn't have any comments and that I was doing a great job. DT said he was happy with the fact that I was computer-savvy.

"It's a substantial gift", I said.

I honestly didnt know kung tama ba ang ginagawa ko dito sa department but it seems like, I'm doing ok. I always wonder if I'm saying the right thing to the people I talk to or if I browse the internet too much or spend too much time on my blog.

I know that the QA scores are just a part of my overall performance and they only serve as a guide to tell you if you're doing the right thing or not. Nevertheless, I am still happy that I'm actually doing something right. What a great day to be happy. So much to be thankful for.

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