Friday, July 30, 2010

The Beanbag Roasters

These are The Beanbag Roasters, one of the resident performers of Kaffeklatsch in Baguio. The woman in white is Maan Aspuria who happens to be a very good friend of mine. She was my Nanay back home and I would always go to her for advice and sometimes she would give me unsolicited advice when she thinks that I would need it. She was also my co-host in Kulay Kordilyera, her segment was Popsicle Toes. Now that I'm living in Manila, I miss her a lot. She would normally text me or comment on my Facebook page asking me when I'll visit Baguio. I call her Nanay Maan and her husband I call Daddy Ray because he was my former Teammate in PeopleSupport Baguio.

So here she is during one of their sets:

I asked her to specifically upload this song because she knows that I really like it. Kaya ayun nag-upload naman si ina. Miss you Nanay Maan. =(

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