Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New iPhone case! Yum!

First time I saw this was last year in Baguio. I was smoking somewhere and I saw this chick with this kind of iPhone case and I was thinking that it looked cool. Well anyway, the other day I was on the CD-R King website to check if they had any Blackberry batteries in stock (they did thank God). I decided to take a look at their newest crap for the iPhone and I saw that they had this case! I told myself that I would search every branch of CD-R King within the NCR area till I find one that has this.

Yesterday while I was on my lunch break, I wasn't hungry so I decided to go around Centris Mall which is just beside our office and to my surprise God smiled upon me because when I passed by CD-R King, they had this case in two colors but I decided to buy the white one. I might buy the brown one sometime soon. 

I've searched Greenhills a couple of times but to my dismay they dont have this case so it's great that CD-R King has it. The best part is that, it costs the same as the cases in Greenhills and the quality is actually good.

It's makes my phone bulky but it has a good feel to it. It's made of silicone and the creepy part is that it actually smells like chocolate. Seriously, it smells like the white Cadbury bar. Bongga said that I might chew on it once I get hungry. Been trying hard not to. LOL.

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Anonymous said...

nakakagutom yan..alam mo ba? cute!