Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pre-Christmas Lunch with Friends

Because of our busy schedules, hindi na kami masyadong nakakalabas ng ibang mga friends ko. 

Kaya before I left for Laoag, I made it a point na lumabas kami. Hence, our pre-christmas lunch. Gusto ko sana dinner pero hindi makakasama yung iba. Ang arti lang.

So ayun, since malaking grupo kami we went to Yang Chow which was just beside our office.

Buti nalang halos lahat kami eh walang specific lunch break, flexible ba. Taray lang ano?

Maria, Rowie, Bongga, and SexyAnne deciding on what to order.

Derek and Jelai making weird faces. Ellaine and Jeck staring at something.

Waiting for the food na 10 years dumating.


Si Mariah na one hour bago dumating. Grand entrance ang puta.

Before the meal.

During the meal.

The aftermath!
So it was a good meal. It's great I got to spend time with friends.

Ayun lang, ang bagal ng service nila sa Yang Chow. As in sobrang bagal. Yung tipong nag-christmas, new year, three kings, at end of the world na, wala pa yung food.

Buti nalang, in fairness, masarap yung food.

I have more pictures actually but I can't upload them.

There is one I want to upload, I am tempted to but I am really restraining myself from kasi pag inupload ko yun kahit saan, sabi ni Bongga it will be the end of our friendship daw hahaha.

Good food with good friends. Doesn't get any better than that.

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kysthine said...

hahhahahhahah! yes may pic ako kahit 2 lang hahhahahha! late lagi! hehehhe