Monday, January 16, 2012


***Disclaimer: Religious catholic people, please skip this blogpost. You will not like what's written here.

After almost 10 years (literally) of falling off the radar, I've rejoined the choir from our local parish. I don't care much about the Catholic Church but I like singing and I miss singing in a choir.

Mabuti nalang, friend ko yung pianist nila. At least may nakakausap ako.

Aside from my friend, none of them are aware that I've been in several choirs and have joined several competitions.

Syempre, I had to behave so tahimik lang ako. Mabuti nalang, they use sheet music kasi iba yung version nila ng mga church songs sa mga alam ko.

Some of the tenors were teaching me how to sight read, telling me ganito daw ibig sabihin pag nasa taas yung note. It was adorable, they thought I was a newbie at it. Although na-appreciate ko talaga yung effort nila. First day and they were very welcoming.


So during mass, I wasn't doing the sign of the cross or answering back to those ridiculous prayers. Some of them we're looking at me funny. Siguro nagtataka sila kung bakit hindi ko ginagawa yung mga yun.

I really don't do the sign of the cross thing. I am a non-practicing-hardcore-bible-thumping-atheist.

Just because I like singing in a choir, it doesn't mean that I have to do what they do inside the church.

Like I said, I don't care much about the Catholic Church.

Why would I make an effort to follow the norms of a religion that insists that the life I've chosen is wrong?

Why would I follow a religion that says my kind would be the cause of the destruction of humanity?

So ayun, they were giving me weird glances but none of them had the balls to ask me anything about it.

Mabuti naman.

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