Monday, January 30, 2012

Whats In The Bag?

On my last blog post, if you noticed, I was a carrying a paper bag with me that had the word Wicked on it.

They were selling souvenir items and clothes at the theater and there was this jacket I really liked but it was kinda expensive.

A couple thousand when converted in pesos.

They were also selling shirts and they cost half the price of the jacket.

I didn't have enough money left because I bought a few things earlier.

So my mother being the awesome woman she is, gave me money to buy the jacket. She saw that I really liked it.

She said it's not everyday I get to watch Wicked so it was fine.

My mom rocks!

Here's the jacket.

Cute no?

I like it beri beri much.

Thank you for the gift mother :)

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