Monday, January 9, 2012


"I really like your bed", sabi ng friend kong si AJ.

"Really? Why?", I asked.

He looked at me. Nakaupo siya sa dulo ng bed ko. I was by my pillows.

"Wala lang. It's comfy."

Bigla siyang nahiga.

"It's not. It's too soft. I wanted a spring mattress."

"Still, it's comfy. What size is this?", he asked me. He was staring at my wall clock.

"I think it's a double. I like this size. It's not too big or too small. Plus it can hold all of my pillows."

"How many pillows do you have anyway?"

"Six", I answered.

Natawa siya. He was looking at me funny. Naweirduhan ata dahil ang dami kong unan.

"My bed's too big. It's a queen size. I can sleep diagonally if I want to", he said with a laugh.

"This bed is just right for me. I don't want a big bed."

"Why?", he asked.

"My bed is fine. I don't want a big bed because when I go to sleep and when I wake up--"

"There's no one beside you?", he asked finishing my sentence.

"Yeah. I don't want anything to remind me that I'm alone."

He looked at me with those brown eyes of his.

There was a moment of silence.

He suddenly got up came close to me and patted me on the back.

Napangiti nalang ako kasi I've never told anyone that.

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Ms. Chuniverse said...

Nice bed! And i love the red wall.

Mine is a queen-size din, but i got 8 pillows. :)