Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year, New Design

Hello Dear Readers,

Just like what I do every year, I've changed the design of my blog.

For 2011, it was more of colors. Something full of joie de vivre. This time I wanted to go for a cleaner, simpler look. Minimalist ang peg!

The previous banner was made by Parker.

This year, my banner was made by my very talented officemate, who also happens to be the author of Love To Sweat, Joey.

Joey was kind enough to spend a few hours making my new banner. Thank you Joey.

The concept for the banner was made by my good friend, Bongga. Sabi niya maganda daw ang Garden of Eden na theme. When she said that, ang naisip ko agad, for some reason, ay Desperate Housewives.

The apple was suggested by my other officemate, Giron. Gusto ba naman ng hudas eh hawakan ko ang apple tapos nakahubad ako at may nakapulupot na ahas sa akin. Para bagay daw talaga sa Garden of Eden. Leche.

My new tagline is, sinfully delicious. I just thought it'll suit the whole apple thing.

Since I wanted my blog to look clean, I had to remove a lot of things which includes my blogroll, trackers, etc.

I changed my Twitter feeds thing because I couldn't format the old one properly. I also changed my blog archive.

Oh and if you'll notice, now there's a retweet button at the bottom of each post. Dati, Facebook "like" lang ang meron. Umiral nanaman ang kaartehan ko eh.

Putting those buttons actually took me a while because when I changed my template, nawala yung "Like" button. I tried putting it back in but then nawala lahat nung mga likes. Took me a while to put it back in but in the end, I was successful.

At dahil, minimalist ang drama ko this year, I kept the entire background in white. I think it works naman.

I've asked a few friends to check my blog while I was working on it. Nagustuhan naman nila and I hope you, my dear readers, would like it to.

So, what do you think of the new design?

Havey o waley?


aboutambot said...

Dating silent follower lang ako, nagko-comment na din ngayon hehe. Less is more, mas malinis tingnan. Happy New Year!

aboutambot said...

oo nga pala...


Désolé Boy said...

Havey! I always wanted a banner for my blog but I lack the necessary skil to put up one.
Happy New Year!

adaptedboy said...

i've been a reader of your blog for quite some time now. what can i say - am a fan of the sinfully delicious! :)

nice banner, by the way. happy new year! :)

Anonymous said...

not sure about the banner but i'm certain about the content... havey!