Monday, January 30, 2012

Wicked Singapore - Meeting The Cast

Thanks to my bestfriend, Google, I learned that there's a stage door in Marina Bay Sands that the cast would use when they leave after the show.

I made it a point to search for the stage door even if I'd have to scour the grounds of Marina Bay Sands.

By some twist of fate, I was able to find it!

When I got there, there were some people waiting for the cast to come out as well. I chatted with them a bit. Apparently, they were all Australians and one of them, Stacey McGilton, knew Suzie Mathers personally. She's the admin for the Suzie Mathers' Facebook Page. Stacey was such a sweetheart. 

It's great that I got to meet fellow Wicked fans.

So here are some of the cast of Wicked.

Elisa Colla who plays Nessarose. She was so nice and friendly.

David Harris who plays Fiyero. Spell HOT. Too bad the pic is blurry.

Me with Stacey McGilton, the admin of Suzie's Facebook page.

Suzie Mathers who plays Glinda. Starstruck, that's me.

The second girl from the left (blonde with dark glasses) is Gretel Scarlett and she's the understudy for Elphaba.

Jemma Rix who plays Elphaba. When she came out, I could still see some of the green make up used on her.
I was on fanboy mode the entire time. I was actually standing next to Glinda and Elphaba hahaha.

The cast were really nice, especially Suzie. She was such a sweetheart.

I asked her to record a message for a friend of mine because he's also a fan of Wicked. Without thinking twice, she agreed. She's my favorite Glinda now. No questions asked.

I honestly could not believe my luck. 

I was able to watch Wicked and I got to meet and greet the cast in person. iDied.

To those who will watch Wicked in Singapore, I'm not sure if I can give the directions going to the stage door of Marina Bay Sands. Just look at the pictures and notice the background of each photo. That should give you an idea as to where it is.

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