Thursday, May 20, 2010

Red Shirts and Birthdays

I’ve been planning to write something about this two weeks ago but it flew out of my mind and I completely forgot about it. I suddenly remembered yesterday so here we go.

I’ve always wondered why is it that here in the Philippines, if you wear a red shirt people greet you happy birthday even if it’s not your birthday. Is it tradition? Does it have some deep ancient cultural meaning? I seriously wanna know. Last week I wore my red shirt and people greeted me happy birthday, even two of my officemates greeted me happy birthday. There I was dumbfounded mentally yelling at them, “ITS NOT MY FREAKIN’ BIRTHDAY”.

Yesterday I overheard someone at the lobby say Happy birthday to a girl who was wearing a red blouse. The girl ignored him. It was pretty funny actually. Seriously! Why do people greet you happy birthday when you wear a red shirt? Is red the national color for “It’s my birthday today bitches!”? Is it a norm? Or is it just something that started out as a joke by some loser and eventually everyone picked it up and started using it. I find pretty stupid really, I just don’t get it. So on my actual birthday I might wear red and if anyone greets me ill say, “Thanks! I cant believe I turned 22 today.” I wanna see the look on their faces when they realize that’s its actually my birthday. Wahahaha.

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Seriously Funny said...

Hi there! I was back reading entries. Hehehe.

Red and birthdays is a Chinese "thing". Red is a color that is associated with special occasions and celebration in the Chinese culture (like weddings, anniversaries, and yes, birthdays)

Hope this helped. :)