Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom...

Today is Mother's Day here in the Philippines and I would like to take this chance to greet my mom Happy Mothers Day. I'm actually closer to my mom than I am to my dad because I didn't grow up with him. I'm a momma's boy and I don't give a flying fig about what other's would say.

To those who know me personally, they know the story of my life. They know when my mom and I are fighting and they know that when it comes to my mom I am very weak. Im gonna share a story with you guys of something that happened during valentines day.

I was still working as a host at Colours TV 32 and it was our valentines episode. We talked about all types of love including the love of children and their parents. Me and my co-hosts interviewed each other about our relationships with our parents. The women in our group were all mothers so the topic was more on mother-child relationships. When it was my turn to talk, I told them about my relationship with my mom, how she sacrificed a lot to give me a good life, how she gives me the freedom to do whatever I like, one of my co-hosts, Jedi, started crying and suddenly I couldn't hold it in, I started crying while we were on air.  I dont know what happened, when I looked at them all of my co-hosts were already crying.

Every time my mom and I would argue, even about small things, I cry even if I dont want to because I know I hurt her. Every time I do something that I know will disappoint her, I start to cry because I know that sorry wont be good enough. I just can't hold it in. My friends have seen me cry about my mom a lot of times.

I may not be able to buy her something expensive but at least now I can give her the one thing she's always asked for, my transcript and diploma. When I marched on that stage during my graduation I was telling myself, "Mom this is for you. For everything you've done, for every cent you've spent, for every sacrifice you've made. This is dedicated to you for a job well done." My mom has the hardest job in the world, and that is being a single parent.

My mom may not be perfect, and it's true that there are times that she drives me really crazy but despite all of that I love my mom more than I love myself because I have the best and the coolest mom in the world. I love you Ma and Happy Mother's Day.

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