Monday, May 10, 2010

Solution to my earphone problem...sort off...

Well the title says it all. This is sort off my solution to my problem with the earphones. I went to Trinoma earlier to look for a nice pair of earphones. The only good one I saw was in Power Mac and it costs 5000php so I still have to wait for my salary coz I dont wanna spend that much on a pair of earbuds. I passed by CDR-King and I saw these iBud thingys so I bought it and I also bought a cable holder because I HATE IT when my earphones get tangled with the other crap in my bag. At least the earphones fit better now. These iBuds are really cheap and it comes with 3 pairs, they cost 30php and the cable holder costs the same. I strongly suggest this if you are having problems with your apple earphones and dont want to shell out 5k for a pair of apple earbuds just yet.

I was actually planning on buying an A4tech pair that costs 800php but it doesnt have the playback and mic thing coz I really need that since I dont like bringing out my phone in public.

Oh and I also bought a Neil Gaiman book entitled 'Good Omens'. I hear that his works are awesome so Im kinda excited to read it. =]

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