Saturday, May 22, 2010

10 Things I Cannot Live Without!

I was browsing the Top Stories on Yahoo when I saw an article about the Top 10 Things that Americans cannot live without. I was suddenly inspired to write about the things I cannot live without. Compiling this list made me really think.

Laptop. I seriously cannot live without my laptop since I do everything there. I play games, surf the web, watch my reruns, listen to music, record and/or edit songs or voice overs, edit videos, back-up my contacts, basically everything about my life is in my trusty Laptop.

Cellphone. Everyone who knows me or reads my blog regularly know how important my phones are to me. I always need to have two phones, one for Globe and one for Smart. I always bring my iPhone and my Nokia N78 with me. My iPhone is my main phone, its what I use to call, txt, fix my schedule, listen to music, update my Facebook, Twitter and sometimes my blog. My N78 is mainly used for pictures because it has an awesome camera. I also mostly use it for calls because I'm not used to the regular keypad. I have a hard time texting on it because since 2007, my phones have been QWERTY phones. The reason why I bring it with me all the time is because it was Lyve's graduation gift to me. Aside from the two, I have a blackberry and a Motorola V3i. My BB is broken is the ball wont scroll down and the Moto is somewhere in my Mom's house.

Internet and Wifi. Do I need to explain this? Just tell me if I need to and I'll update this part.

Money. Again, need I explain more?

MRT Card. If you've rode the Trains here you'd know how important that damn card is because the lines are always long so I always need an extra MRT card with me in case my current card runs out.

Music. Music is my life and without it, I would be nothing. I love listening to music and I love singing the songs I like so that's why it may not be a material thing, it's still something I cannot live without.

Movies. Watching movies is what gets me through the week. Everytime it's my day off, I go to Trinoma or SM North and watch any movie that's showing. Watching movies soothe me, it's how I relax.

Firedancing. I seriously cannot live without dancing Poi. I'm making it a point to practice at least 20 minutes before I sleep at night. It's great exercise and there are always new moves to learn.

Youtube. You're probably wondering why I can't live without Youtube. Its because I can find everything there. I learned how to solve my rubix cubes there, I get the latest songs that are leaked to the website, plus I learned how to Firedance through Youtube. How's that for helpful?

Food. Cliche I know. Though I am always wary of my weight, and I always feel that I'm gaining weight even if others tell me I'm not, I cannot and will not live without food. My friends think i'm picky with food. The truth is, I'm not. Hep hep hep, Lyve lower your eyebrow. I'm not particular on the food I eat, I'm particular on how it is cooked. Serve me something expensive but if it taste like it's overcompensating or if it simply tastes like crap, I dont care if that costs 2000+ per order, I'll spit it out. Ask my bestfriend Jackie, I spit food out when it tastes bad. Gross I know.

So here are the things I cannot live without. Some are shallow, some make sense, well thats me for ya.

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