Monday, May 3, 2010

Finally got my Official Transcript of Records

After the many years that I stayed in college, after the tedious projects and fucking deadlines, after meeting people who have become my closest friends and people I know I will meet again hell, after the anguish and torment of my course, I finally have my transcript. Oh yeah! There's no taking it back, I'm a graduate!

The fruit of my many labors as I roamed the hallowed halls of the University is finally with me. I met up with Marj today and she gave it to me, I asked one of my former housemates Sam to claim it for me since I was busy with work and he gave it to Marj since she was coming to Manila, and the moment she handed it to me, the excitement I felt was unbelievable.

I slowly opened the envelope and I took out the paper inside and when I opened it my heart stopped and I blurted out, "THATS IT?! THIS IS MY STUPID TRANSCRIPT?!" My grades were printed on hard paper, there was nothing special about it and the envelope didn't even have a seal or logo or anything. Well that was good use of my mothers money. Silly me I was expecting fireworks, or a ray of light, a puff smoke, or at least something. Sorry naman, adik lang. hahaha

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