Monday, May 17, 2010

During our break...

I was on break with Bongga today and we were smoking at the building lobby. We were talking about the new hires and Bongga suddenly said that she hopes all of them make it, "If you know what I mean?!" she added. That's when I told her about our team mate in training who was fired on the first week. Apparently, she didn't hear about it before.

Let's call my team mate, RoCo. During our first week he was absent on the third and fourth day of training and when he came back on the fifth day, HR talked to him and told him they were letting him go. Here's the thing... He told the management that he wasn't feeling well thats why he was absent but the truth was, he applied in another company on the third day and it lasted until nighttime thats why he was absent on the fourth day. He complained too much about the location of our office and even the salary.

When I told Bongga the truth as to why he was fired, we started talking about how big of a mistake it was. Truth be told, I'm not surprised if RoCo regrets or feels bad about leaving the company. I even told Bongga that I was offered more money by another company which of course I cannot mention here. That's when Bongga said that by comparison, even if a company offers more money, it wont be enough compared to the work load they'll be giving you. I of course agreed because that's the reason why I didn't take the offer. I love my job right now. Sure I don't like some of my officemates. Emphasis on some. I just don't feel them right now, maybe in the future I might get close to them but at the moment I'm happy with the friends I have at the office.

At the office, we have freedom, the people are nice, the management is a lot better compared to other companies, the pay is enough to sustain my lifestyle. What more could I ask for? You're probably wondering on what my point is. point is this... When choosing a job, do not consider just the money. Think about the job itself. That's why I don't see myself leaving the company any time in the future. I dont wanna speak too soon because you'll never know what tomorrow brings, but today I'm having fun and that's what matters.

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Cassidy143 said...

Hmmm... bongga. New person on your blog. A friend from work?