Monday, May 24, 2010

Gift Of A Friend - Demi Lovato

I dont really remember how I found this song but I've been listening to it A LOT. First I like the melody that has a bit of an Irish flare to it. Second I like the lyrics/meaning of the song. Third, this is the only song I've heard Demi Lovato sing that doesn't sound like she's trying to grasp for air every second.

This song is for all my friends in Baguio. People who became my companions during the many years that I lived there. I miss them a lot.

Specifically, this song is for my bestfriend Jackie who I miss everyday and even if we're leading different lives now, we still talk to each other on the phone once or twice a week to catch up on each other. 

"The world comes to life and everything's bright
from beginning to end when you've got a friend 
by your side"
- Gift of Friend

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