Sunday, May 2, 2010

A day of shopping with my Mom.

My mom came over to Manila to meet up and party with her friends...oh and also to check up on me ^_^. We went to Trinoma for lunch and did a little shopping. It was a great day coz my mom and I rarely hang out coz she spends a lot when we do hahaha.

First we had lunch at Tokyo Tokyo. This is where we always eat, whether we're in Manila, Baguio or anywhere else.

While eating, we we're talking about my work and stuff until we talked about mobile plans. I told her I wanted to get one and she said she could apply for me and she'll just pay for it since she's not giving me any allowance anymore. Of course, it would be under Globe since Smart SUCKS!!! She mentioned the Globe SuperDuo plans and I told her I knew about it and I wanted the call and text all you want plus unlimited mobile browsing. She asked me if there was a Globe Business Center in Trinoma and I said yes. So after lunch we went to Globe and she got me a post-paid plan. Hooray for me! Frankly I was surprised because we were just talking about it and before I knew it, we were at Globe, she filled out the paperwork and I got the sim card already. They work fast and that is why I love love love Globe. 

Well there's my Mom filling out the papers.

The really nice people who processed it.

And voila! My post-paid Sim for Call & Text All You Want and Unli Supersurf. Yippee!!! Unlimited internet access for my iPhone!!!

After globe, we went to Malditas because my Mom wanted to buy clothes. They were having a sale where you buy 2 items for the price of one as long as they are of the same price or if one costs less. She asked me if I wanted something so I got 2 shirts. What do you think?

After that we went to Havaianas and I bought her a pair since I just got my salary but I forgot to take a picture of it. Then we went to Starbucks to have coffee and also to smoke. Yes, she knows I smoke and she's cool with it. After that we hit Landmark and she bought me a couple of more clothes since I only have a few here in Manila.
Its funny because a few days ago, my Mom and I were arguing because I bought a few apps from iTunes for my phone using her card. She was pissed when she received the bill. My Mom can be really annoying sometimes specially when her voice is blaring around the house but at the end of the day I got the coolest mom in the world. ^_^.

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