Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shrek Here Comes the Bride!

Since it's my day off yesterday and today, I watched two movies at Trinoma. Yesterday I watched Shrek Forever After with my cousin Kino and his girlfriend Micah. Today I watched 'Here Comes the Bride' by myself. I wanted some 'me' time I guess. So here's what I think about the movies:

Shrek Forever After
Shrek has always been one of my favorite movies ever since it came out years ago. I've watched every Shrek movie and the latest installment is great. Shrek has never failed to make me laugh. The comedy, the characters, the twists, the story, everything. The thing that really surprised me was the character of Rumplestiltskin. Im not sure if I spelled it right. Anyway I give this movie a two thumbs up. It's a must-watch for any age because whether you're a child, an adult, or an adult who's child-at-heart, you'll seriously enjoy this movie. I'm sad that this might be the last Shrek movie.

Here Comes the Bride
I rarely watch filipino movies but I wanted to watch this. I dont know why but there was something about the trailer that made me want to watch it. The verdict? I dont remember when was the last time that I enjoyed a filipino movie the way that I enjoyed this one. I love how it didn't have those awful computer graphic animated crap that they place in filipino comedies like walking on ceilings and all that crap. The story is so-so, nothing special but the jokes were somewhat witty, the characters (except for Tom Mott/Rodriguez's character) were nicely explored. And it has the biggest twist, something you'll never see coming even if they keep on showing different trailers and teaser video's on TV. Finally the quality of Filipino movies have improved. This movie raised the bar for filipino movie standards. I just hope it doesn't end there. Another two thumbs up.

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ikotoki said...

Have you seen Kimmydora? It's in the same breath as Here Comes. Ganda ano? Panalo, sulit ang pera.

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