Monday, November 8, 2010

My Grown Up Christmas List

Christmas time is just around the corner. Jingle bells and all that shit.

I don't really like Christmas. It reminds me of things I don't want to think about. Two years ago when my blog was newly born, I wrote about My Very Blue-ish Christmas.

Ngayong taon, iniisip ko kung paano ang magiging Pasko ko. My Mom will be flying to the US on the 2nd week of December. That means, I wont be able to spend Christmas with them.

I'm gonna miss the food she makes during Noche Buena kasi thats Christmas is the only time she cooks that much. I'm gonna miss how she lets me taste the food while she's cooking kasi I'm very particular about the taste.

My dad naman lives very far and me travelling there and back for one day isn't a good idea because I'd be too exhausted to work. Kamusta naman ang 8 or 9 hours na byahe diba?

Si Parker naman will be with his family kaya he can't be with me Christmas eve or Christmas day. He said he'll come see me after Christmas so it's better than nothing diba? At least I'll get to see him.

All I want is to celebrate Christmas with the people I love. I don't care about gifts, I don't need material things. I have everything I need that money could buy and not everything can be bought to make you happy.

I don't really like Christmas and my close friends know that very well, especially Lyve. It's the one time of the year that reminds me that I can have the things I want, but not the things I need.

Every year this is my wish, I know that someday I'll get that. But for now it's on the top of my Christmas list.

My grown-up Christmas list...

P.S. Sorry about the emo post (again). Christmas just brings out the worst in me.

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