Sunday, November 7, 2010

iPhone 4!


"Yes Ma?", I picked up.

"Where are you?", she asked.

"At home watching TV. Why?"

"Im in Trinoma in Globe. Come here."


"Im buying you an iPhone 4. Now come here."

"No no no no...I mean Yes!...I mean...wait...what?!"

"Im buying you an iPhone, I've been here for almost an hour so come here"

"Okay I'll be there in 30 minutes"


After months of waiting, and blogging, and blabbering about it, I finally have it! 

So I took a shower and hailed a cab and hauled my ass to Trinoma.


"Babe?", Parker answered.

"Im in shock right now"

"Why? What happened?"

"My mom is in Trinoma and she just bought me an iPhone 4"

"I thought she's back La Union?"

"I though so too"

"Im happy for you Babe. Finally, because you've been talking about it non stop. Haha. Where are you now?"

"Im outside the village waiting for a taxi"

"Alright call me when you get there. The moment you get your hands on it, call me up"

"Okay. Bye Babe"

When I got there my Mom handed me this paper bag.

Inside the paper bag was this. 

My heart stopped. I swear to God, it stopped. Hindi ako makapaniwala na hawak hawak ko na ang box nito. Alam ko medyo OA na to, pero pagbigyan niyo ako. I'm a gadget freak.

What's funny is that, the night before, I was talking to my Mom and she said she'll buy it in December before she leaves for the US. 

Apparently, that was just a joke because she didnt want me to nag her if I knew that she was planning to buy me one today. All the while, I thought she was on her way back to La Union. Pinagtripan lang pala ni Mama.

So we waited for our number to be called and when they did, they unsealed the box and unbricked my iPhone.

Since I'm on a data plan, I needed to have my sim converted to a micro sim. And because of that, my number was disabled for a few hours. Sabi nila mawawalan daw ng signal phone ko and pag bumalik na yung signal, ibig sabihin na-activate na ulit number ko.

And since I cannot have two iPhones, according to my Mom, she got my iPhone 3GS so she could sell her iPhone 3G. Umuwi muna kami sa bahay para magtransfer ng files from one iPhone to another.

 My iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

 iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS.

After almost two hours of transferring files, natapos din ako. 

Hinatid ko si Mama sa bus terminal at saka dumeretso ako ng Greenhills para bumili ng case at protective screen para sa phone ko. Aminado ako, I'm careless with my things so I really need a case for my iPhone. Dahil mahirap na kasi the front and back panels are made of glass.

I wanted to just buy at Power Mac or Power Books (yes they have iPhone cases there) or at Pods pero josko ang mamahal ng cases dun. Now, I'm the type who doesnt mind splurging but spending almost 2K on a nice iPhone case just doesn't seem to be worth it. Watcha think?

So ayan, pumunta ako ng Greenhills at namili ng case. Medyo wala akong ganang bumili kasi gusto ko sana kasama ko si Parker. Eeeenyway... I bought a hard case with the burberry-plaid design in green, and I bought a bumper case. Oh yeah I also bought protective screens for the front and back of my phone.

I've been hyper the whole day. I'm that happy. After the long wait, I finally have it.

Thank you Mom for giving me this. Couldn't thank you enough. I hope you enjoy the 3GS, it was an awesome phone.

That's it for now kids. More to come in the following days. For now, I have to call it a night because I have work in the morning.


AkoSiMiguel said...

Ganda ng phone :)

I want one too. teka, okay ba signal niya? Kasi ive read some reviews na mahina nga daw ang signal :(

Adam said...

SO far ok naman. Lahat ng ways para hawakan to ginawa ko na. Actually mas malakas pa sya sumagap ng signal compared to my old iPhone. I've read the reviews noon pa pero dedma ako. An iPhone is still an iPhone. hehe

ilovestevenash said...

Yey! Sa wakas! :) Ang bait talaga ni mommy. :)

RJ said...

WOW! Sayaaaaa naman! :) kelan pko mg kaka Iphone? Hahaha.. Happy for you!