Monday, November 1, 2010

50's Diner with Lyve

Dahil taghirap akong umakyat sa Baguio, nilibre ako ni Lyve ng lunch sa isa sa aking favorite na resto sa Baguio. Ang 50's Diner. I like this place kasi it's ideal kung gutom ka.

 Pano ba naman kasi, isang serving nila eh pwede nang pakainin ang isang buong third world country.

And the best part is, it is VERY affordable.

There's Lyve.

I got a Chocolate Ice Cream Shake and she got Vanilla.

She ordered Chicken Cordon Bleu with a side of veggies and fries.

I got something called Guys On The Hood. Its got Spaghetti, Pizza, Garlic Bread, Chicken, Porkchop and veggies.


After our late lunch, we walked around Baguio. 

I missed everything there.

Even Lyve's healthy dose of sarcasm.

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