Monday, November 29, 2010

Message In A Bottle...

I hope one day you wake up and realize na sa dami ng beses na pinagbigyan kita, kapag ako ang humiling eh pagbigyan mo din ako.

Of the times I stood by you and understood you, understand me too when I need it the most.

Listen to me when I need to be heard.

I'm not asking for the moon and stars or for you to part the ocean in half. I just have one simple request, is it so hard for you to give it to me?

I am willing to do everything for you but there are times when I would have to draw the line kapag nasasaktan na ako. Kapag ako na ang nahihirapan.

Tonight I'll go to sleep with a heavy heart and I hope and pray that when I wake up, I'd feel much better.

1 comment:

RJ said...

Haaaayyy! Nakarelate ako.. :(