Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What stories are made of...

When we were younger, may mga idea na tayo sa kung sino ang gusto nating makatuluyan. We would have this picture in the back of our minds of what our prince or princesses would look like and be like. We'd have an idea of what our happy endings would be.

Actually continuation ito ng post ko tungkol sa mga writer at kung paano sila magmahal. Though this post is more of what happens when a writer finds love.

Kung ang ibang tao may idea na tungkol sa gusto nilang makatuluyan, imagine how it is for a writer to envision the person he or she wants to be with. It'll be in so much detail that when they close their eyes they can actually catch a glimpse of that person and when they open their eyes, their heads would be spinning from being too overwhelmed. 

Paano kung nakahanap na sila ng taong mamahalin? Paano kung andyan na sa harap nila yung tao? Will they wish for a Romeo-Juliet love story? Edward-Bella? or would they want an Alladin-Jasmine story? Writers are very hard to love kasi mahirap silang intindihin. You really can't tell what's on their mind, because most time, even they dont know what it is. Mahirap silang pakisamahan kasi they tend to have their own world and they set standards for their world. There are some naman na highfalutin words ang ginagamit kaya pag kinausap mo eh nose bleed kung nose bleed. Kanya-kanyang trip lang yan.

But here's the thing. Ibang klase sila magmahal. Todo bigay. Ibang level. Kasi nga, they can envision how the greatest love story could go. They are more creative and inspired kasi may pinaghuhugutan sila nun. All they need is a pinch of imagination, a dash of inspiration, and the certainty na mahal sila nung taong mahal nila. They would go through great lengths to express their love.

Basta ito ang aking closing remark. Totoo man na mahirap mahalin ang isang writer pero hindi mo ito pagsisisihan dahil kaming mga writer, no matter how immature or over-analytical we may be at times, ibang klase kami magmahal because we can envision and understand what great love stories are made off and we can make them happen.

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