Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bakit masaya maging Call Center Agent!


Nakita ko to sa FB page ni Mariah. Akala ko yung agent ang irate, but it was the other way around pala. Pakinggan nyo to but let me warn you all, 10 minutes of pure na pagmumura to. Hindi ko alam kung totoo to or kung trip lang pero it's high-larious.

Hindi ko kinaya to. Seryoso, tatambling, lilipad, at aatakihin kayo pag pinakinggan nyo to.

It's stuff like this that remind me why I enjoy working in a Call Center.


Mr. Hush Hush said...

I think this is hoax.. hmmm.. can't call center agents drop the line if they are being harassed? Aren't they supposed to get the personnel's identity first?

Adam said...

It depends. If callers are being abusive they can disconnect the call but I hear that there are some call center where they can't do this. They have to wait for the other person to hang up unless their supervisor tells them to. Its an industry standard to verify a callers identity to disclose information but in this case, she was just cursing the whole time so the agent couldnt get her account information and he didnt disclose any info naman. Hehe.

rumorboy said...

Maybe this incident happened when dropping the call is not allowed pa.

The women sounded possessed! She was like screaming from the pits of hell!