Thursday, September 30, 2010

Poetry Mode

I walk and run and jump along
I break out loud in dance and song
Another face I simply am
and honestly who gives a damn

I cant believe how long its been
Since a single ray of light I've seen
Do I seem like just a simple shell?
I honestly can never tell

A single voice of pain and fears
I sit and weep with silent tears
A little boy thats simply me
still thinking of who he'd want to be

I spread my wings and try to fly
But still I couldnt reach the sky
I breathed in the break of dawn
I realized I'm not alone

Sometimes I simlpy want to scream
My thoughts, my wishes, hopes, and dreams
But some words are better left unsaid
Just look at me I'm limited

It feels like everything's unfair,
I need to breathe I need some air,
Enough of the music from broken strings,
Am I an angel with shattered wings?


Ewan ko ba, inspired ako magsulat ngayon. Obvious ba? My Muse is back. Buti naman, it's been long enough.

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