Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tinamaan ako dito ah!

"Alam niyo, kahit na ano pa ang sabihin niyong genre ang gusto niyong pasukin sa pagsusulat, babalik at babalik din ang tema ng mga sinusulat niyo sa mga taong mahal niyo. Makikita niyo siya sa bida ng kuwento niyo, sa kalaban, at sa mga extra. Siya ang langit at lupa ng nobela, sine, dialog, patalastas, or dula na isusulat niyo. Kung erotic story ang isusulat niyo, isusulat niyo lahat ng gusto mong gawin sa kama sa minamahal mo, kahit ideny mo pa, at sabihing my love is pure, deep inside, lahat tayo, in heat.

We all want to be serious writers, pero ang totoo, we want to write the greatest love story of our lives, and ang pinakamimithi natin is, na maging totoo sana ito.

Mga writers ang pinakamahirap maging dyowa or kaibigan kasi we expect a lot from the people in our lives. High-maintenance people tayo kasi, often times, the people around us don't behave like the people in our stories. Tandaan niyo, sa mga kuwento, lahat may explanation. Sa totoong buhay, hindi mo maintindihan kung bakit ganun kumilos ang boyfriend or girlfriend mo, bakit feeling mo insensitive ang bestfriend mo, or bakit nakakainis ang magulang mo.

Deep inside, we're nothing but immature brilliant children showing the world the contents of our diaries, hoping for someone to understand us."

-An excerpt from Bookie's post during the lecture of his Prof in UP.

Tinamaan ako dito, sapul na sapul. It made me realize that, yes, writers are the hardest to fall in love with because of their expectations. Writers create a world of happily ever afters, with romantic candle-lit dinners, white picket fences, victorian houses and shit. It's not easy for a writer to fall in love, and it's not easy to fall in love with a writer.  We are just too complicated, and wish of things in bubble dreams.

We all want to be the heroes in our stories, to save the maiden and live happily in a land far far away. But some stories end with the hero losing everything, having nothing left to himself. How about you? How does your story end?


mariah said...

very well's been a long time since I created my short stories and it's right because most of the time the characters that we created just live on our imagination. It doesn't exist in real life..In our story we are the Masters..we know how to start and how to end..Unfortunately not in real life..

KUMAGCOW said...

Yeap, that was a few months ago...

Yeah tinamaan din ako dyan hehe

callboi said...

Dumugo yung pwerta ko nung sinabi ni prof to.