Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dinner Date at Pepper Lunch Shangri La Plaza

Friday when Parker and I wanted to go to MOA but since we left the house really late,we decided to just go to Ortigas. Since I've always wanted to go to Pepper Lunch I told him I wanted to have dinner there. Kaya ayun, off to Shangrila we went. He's in town by the way, buti naman.

In fairness sa Pepper Lunch ang bait ng crew nila. It's very rare that I find places where the staff are very nice. Since it was our first time there, it took us a while to choose what to eat. 

Naaliw ako, talagang may specific table number kung saan kayo uupo. Classy. Anyway, while waiting for the food picture picture muna. They serve the food here really fast.

Me while waiting for our food.

I ordered the Chicken Pepper Rice topped with curry. Masarap naman siya, naglasang chicken curry yung order ko hahaha.

Parker ordered Beef Teriyaki. Since Parker didn't know that he was suppose to mix the food, I mixed it for him. 

"You're treating me like a baby", sabi ba naman sabay ngiti.

My drink came with either ice cream, soup or salad. Naturally I picked Ice cream. This was really good. Parker and I debated for about 10 minutes on whether the syrup was tamarind or honey. He called the waiter and asked. Sabi ba naman nung waiter, caramel daw. We were both stunned. 

After dinner, Parker and I walked around Shangrila Plaza. While walking, Parker saw a candy kiosk and said he wanted Nerds so binilhan ko siya and I wanted frozen yogurt so we went to Hobbes and Landes kasi aside from White Hat, thats the only place that serves the Frozen Yogurt that I like kasi ang daming toppings na nilalagay nila dun. Galit sila sa toppings promise and it only costs 120php.

At around 9:30, Parker and I went to Music 21 to meet up with some of my officemates. Ayun, nakilala na nya sa personal sina Mariah, Libby, at SexyAnne na mga resident guests ng blog ko. It was a fun night. I got to go to Pepper Lunch, walk around Shangrila, meet my officemates for karaoke and the best part was that I was with him. It made everything perfect. Ahihihi kinilig naman daw ako. 


ilovestevenash said...

Buti naman at kahit gano ka kabusy nung araw na un e nagpunta ka. Thanks friend. You made Parker and the Poker Team happy. :)

khyzxhyren27 said...

tse! heheheheh! nice ang date hah..hindi cheap! much happy for you..

jeroen said...

Thanks for your post about Pepper Lunch and i am happy you enjoyed the food and thanks much for mentioning about our help full staff!

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