Thursday, August 19, 2010

When the curtains rise

To those of you na nakakakilala sa akin, alam ninyo na performer ako. Ever since moving to manila, I've missed performing on stage. Singing, dancing, acting, the works. Hirap naman kasi dito eh, wala akong alam kung saan pwede.

The rush I feel from having people watch me is unbelievable. I miss every moment of it. Singing by myself or singing with a group.

I remember way back home, of all the singing partners I've had, there was one that stood out. One I will always remember, lets call her Jizelle. We were both members of UB Voices and we became close friends kaya kami magkapartner pag kumakanta. She's a soprano and the only one I have a hard time catching up with because even if I'm a Tenor, her vocal range is soooo high. She bloody sings like Lea Salonga. Hindi ako nageexagerate. Ganun sya kagaling.

We'd always sing 'Last Night of the World' from Miss Saigon. She can sing The Prayer without any effort. Shet, nanliliit ako pag kumakanta tong babaeng to. I actually have a video of her singing but I don't know kung okay lang sa kanya na i-post ko dito. Apparenlty, akoang gusto nyang singing partner because ako yung nakakaalam nung mga kantang alam nya, specially Broadway and Westend Tunes.

Anyway, to my singing partner, Jizelle, this song is for you and I hope one day we can sing it together. Because God knows how much I miss the stage. And I know you miss it too.


Anonymous said...

hey!!! super love ko to!! super love the song, and wow! alam mo pala yan! gustong gusto ko yang kantahin kaso wala akong kasabay and inisip ko din na baka hindi din alam ng iba.. wow.. thank you anton!! super na-appreciate ko tong blog mo :)

khyzxhyren27 said...

hi naku..don't worry magtatanong tayo sa ccp..ayaw mo nun para malevel up ka na are so naranasan mo while me not even get a chance to perform in broadway..(emo mode) hehehehe!