Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh Dee Lawd In Haven!

I was going about my business at the office when my phone beeped and I saw that it was a message from Globe. Since I rarely read the messages from Globe unless it's my phone bill, I just opened the message so I could delete it.

It was a long message but I saw a word that caught my attention.

My heart stopped for a second.

Then it started beating fast.

I could not believe what I was reading.

As in feeling ko hihimatayin ako. I know I'm waaaay too excited in such an unhealthy way but can you blame me?!

The long wait is finally over. Darating na sa third world ang iPhone 4!!!

So ayun, nagbukas ako ng bagong browser, I typed in the website and lo and behold.

Totoo nga!!!

Ayun sa sobrang saya ko, nakangiti ako na para akong humithit ng nasusunog na gulong habang umiinom ng tubig mula sa pinakuluang marijuana. Nakita ako ni DT at nagtanong,

"Why are you so happy?"

I gave him my phone and let him read the message. Napangiti bigla si loko. He knows about my gadget conquests and how long I've been waiting for this phone.

"It doesn't even have a date yet!", saaaabi ba naman.

Buzzkill talaga to.

"I don't care, it's coming soon. It's better than not coming at all!".

Tumawa sya bigla ng malakas. I'm in ecstasy right now. I'm still in shock that the iPhone 4 will be here soon.

For more information and if you wanna register, click here.

Long live iPhone users.

iPhone haters can kiss my A.

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Anonymous said...

I love my iPhone 4! Hope you get it soon.