Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Don't talk of things you know nothing about...

Hello Kids. I just wanna tell you a story, something about myself. I know I talk a lot about myself here..well because it's my blog nga diba? I wanna say that I know who I am, and that before y'all judge me and shit, make sure na kilala nyo din ako.

I just hate it when people assume things about me based on SOME of the things they see. I know I can be an ass, na masama ugali ko, that I am the meanest bastard on the planet and that I have no heart and soul and that I'll burn in hell because of that. Guess what? I already know that! I don't need people shoving it in my face all the time.

You think it's easy knowing you can't have long-term friends aside from a selected few because you have high standards and/or are high-maintenance? Tingin nyo madali yun? It's not. But I'm not gonna change who I am just because someone got offended by a joke I made, or something I might have said in passing. Im not gonna change my beliefs and principles just because someone says so. Buhay nyo? Prinsipyo nyo?

I dont care if there's only one person who would stand by me which is ironic because I don't like being alone but who gives a flying fig?! There is no chance in hell that I can be a saint or the ambassador for goodwill but dammit, it doesn't mean na ganun ako kamanhid.

I don't mind jokes, and I dont mind goofing around pero pagdating sa mga sensitive na bagay tungkol sa akin, lagyan naman sana ng iba ng preno bibig nila. I am sure may mag rereact nanaman dito sa sinulat ko pero wala akong paki-alam. Magka-alaman na. If you know nothing about me or have just seen the tip of the iceberg, shut the hell up because there is no chance in hell na nasa posisyon ka para husgahan ako.

PS. If you want to get my attention, insulting me is not the best idea...ever.

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