Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Journey

I could stay in this forever
Enfold you nightly in my arms
Sing you lullaby’s whenever
I’ll give to you all that I can
You will never have to worry ‘bout the future
I will make sure everyday that I provide
I will hold you through the night
Until the sky turns light
The journey now begins, with you and I
The love we created has exceeded
Any measurements I’ve ever known
Brought joy to me, when it was needed
It’s nice to know I’m not alone
I will make sure you are reminded that I love you
I will walk miles just to hold you by my side
I’ll protect you while you sleep
Make every dream complete
I’ll treat everyday with you like it’s the beginning
I will be your strength in times when you are weak
I will never be to far away from you
There is nothing I won’t do
I will hold you through the storms
Anything to keep you warm
The journey now begins, with you and I
You and I

- by Scott Alan

Natuwa lang ako dito, I thought I should post it so others could appreciate it. At kung binabasa mo to ngayon, go figure.

Goodnight kids!

1 comment:

mariah said...

You are so in love baks..halatang halata nah..hehehehe...i like the poem but it doesn't relate to my story now..kaw ba baks nakarelate kah?hehehehe...