Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Two and a Half Men

For the past month I have gotten into the habit of watching Two and a half Men. I have the DVD's of Season 1, 3,4, and 5. I cant find the second season anywhere but Im not stopping in finding it. Its a very funny sitcom and I find myself laughing all the time. Its a story about two brothers, Alan and Charlie Harper and Alan's kid Jake Harper. Alan is a chiropractor who was divorced by his wife Judith because according to her whenever she thinks about going home to him, she starts to cry in her car. Charlie on the other hand is a Jingle composer who later on in the series starts writing children songs.

My favorite characters are Evelyn Harper (Charlie and Alan's mother), Charlie Harper, and Berta ( Charlie's maid). They crack me up all the time.

Oh and because of watching this show, I cant get that damn Maple Loops jingle out of my head.

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