Saturday, May 9, 2009

Adam Lambert on Wicked

Here is a video of Adam Lambert singing and dancing to Dancing Through Life. I read that he was an understudy for Fiyero but was never given the role full time. This is one of his performances and it was Teal Wicks who played Elphaba. Adam Lambert is my favorite contestant on American Idol and a major reason for that would be because he was a part of Wicked. Yes call it a shallow reason but big woof but he’s also a good singer so there’s that.

I haven’t watched any shows of Teal Wicks but I hear that she's good and I want to see if Adam is as good in Wicked as he is in AI. By the way if you find the dance moves to “swishy” as Patti Lupone would say, well those are the actual dance steps. It just appeared too flamboyant because of Adam. I’m not sure but I think he’s gay. Still Wicked is Wicked.

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