Tuesday, May 12, 2009

116th by Shoshana Bean with Lyrics

This is a song from Shoshana Bean's album. The first time I heard this song I was honestly stunned. Its a very simple yet beautiful song. Whenever I hear this song I replay it 3 to 5 times. I dont know why but this song really speaks to me. I noticed that the lyrics are not available online so I included them here plus the video I made for the song so that everyone can hear it. I dont know why but I guess I can relate to this song. This is honestly the first time that a song had this kind of effect on me. Just listen to it and you might undertand what I'm saying. Enjoy. ^^

116th Lyrics

You wouldn't believe how things have changed
Hardly anything looks the same
It used to be a quiet street,
now people pass on hurried feet
You wouldn't believe how things have changed
On 116th

It was a place where love began
Where you and I walked hand in hand
On a summer night in late July
I sang to you a lullaby
Not everything ends the way you planned
On 116th

All we had was a little apartment,
mattress on the floor where we slept
We lived small, but we dreamed big
and love was growing where we lay

Back then i could only think of now,
And now I look back and wonder how
How could I wished away the time,
when life was simple, you were mine
I'd give all that I have to have
just one more day (One more day... oh...)

In your arms to feel you hold me tight,
to sleep upon your chest at night
I wanna go back
I'd give anything to go back

I wanna go back to 116th


Anonymous said...

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Adam said...

As if there was a chance in hell that I could watch this June. Lol. Someday I will. And by someday I mean after I graduate...