Monday, May 25, 2009

Dinner last night

So in my previous post, I mentioned that I would be having dinner with Violet and Den. Apparently theres a small riff between the two so I had Dinner with Den and Kara(Not their real names). We talked about how our lives are going and all that crap. Den was asking me about the business that we plan to put up. Kara wanted in on it. That means, the business will be split 4-way because Den's cousin want to invest as well.

Den is a good friend of mine, we used to be workmates. He was actually the first person I met at work. So we talked bout the issues going around our friends. I dont have to elaborate on that anymore because Den reads my blog and might be surprised if i write them down. Kara was in a different LOB/Accnt when I was still working so we never talked with each other. It was only last night that I got to talk to her coz Den and her are together.

As usual he was giving me the lecture on how I should start taking my relationships more seriously. And as usual, I tuned out. I told him to lecture me when he actually decided to take his own advice. He said that Im still as apathetic and as cold as ever. I asked if there was a problem with that. All he said was, "No not really. Thats actually the reason why we're good friends". Well aint that a kick.

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