Monday, May 4, 2009

My Birthday Gift

My birthday is not for another month but since Im gonna be at school at that time so my mom already bought me my birthday gift. Originally she was supposed to buy me an Iphone but I told her that a laptop would be more useful to me since its more portable so she said okay. Two days ago, me and my cousin Kino went to The Annex to look for a laptop that I might like. At first there was this neo laptop that I wanted but then when I saw this one, I knew that it was the right one for me.

Thats the logo of the place from which I bought the laptop. The branch I went to was Premium Logic 5th floor SM North Edsa The Annex. I know I'm advertising something again (I should get paid for doing this) but its because the people here are so nice. Even when I was just canvasing for which one to buy, they were so accomodating and they are very knowledgable when it comes to their products. Plus one great thing about this place BRANCH is that they can flag everything you buy at 0% interest. HTC Cellphones, printers, even RAM (if you upgrade the ram of the laptop and/or PC that you buy).

Anyway I asked one of the Sales Specialists which laptop would be best for multimedia purposes such as video streaming, audio and video editing, and the like. She said that among their products, this laptop was the best so far. So far Im enjoying tinkering with it.

The model is HP Compaq Presario CQ40-310AU. I upgraded the RAM to 4 gigs (lets face it, with the way I use a pc 4 gigs on a laptop should be necessary). It runs on an AMD Turion X2 Dual-core Mobile RM-72 2.10GHz processor and its optical drive is lightscribe. And the OS installed was Windows Vista Home Premium. The effects are cool for home premium.

Every year my mom gives my cool gifts. Last year I got a PSP, a Sony Ericsson P1i and a Canon 1000D DSLR. This year its a laptop. This is the coolest gift I got ever. THANKS MOM AND ADVANCE HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.


itsaharshworld said...

you have a final fantasy mouse pad and i have a fullmetal alchemist one.. coolio!

Mckenna said...

Agree.!! A laptop would be a great and useful gift.