Friday, May 22, 2009

Kris Allens victory sets internet ablaze

Aside from the fact that American Idol has had a lower number of viewers compared to last year, Adam Lamberts lost has been questioned by many. One BIG question being asked is, did he lose because of his sexual orientation?

Here's a sampling of ways various critics have tackled that issue/asked that question:

  • The Chicago Tribune: "It's difficult not to wonder if Lambert's sexuality played a role in Allen's victory... If Lambert's popularity on Idol was any indication of how tolerant and accepting America has become, his loss may indicate there's still further to go."
  • Professional poker player Annie Duke: "I seriously think Adam lost just because he is gay. Bummed. Bummed. Bummed."
  • "Adam was too gay for America."

Though never admitting it, Adam Lambert has been presumed to be gay because of photos of him being leaked all over the internet kissing other men. But still, is this supposed to be the basis of winning AI?

When Kris Allen was declared as the winner, he said "Adam deserves this. I'm sorry." So classy ain't he?

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