Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another sunday

So its just anoher sunday for me. I spent the whole day with my mom. She was in "Shopping mode" so we went around Baguio City. She arrived early this morning with her sister because she came to get some of my things that I wont be needing anymore.

She left a couple of hours ago and I went to SM after they left. While walking around SM, I bumped into an old friend, lets call her Nats. We talked for about 20 minutes, updating each other on how things are going on. We exchanged numbers. I found out that she's looking for a job.

After that I had to leave because I needed to buy a Universal Remote for my TV. My remote hasnt been working for a long time and I need one. So now Im in an internet shop blogging again, good thing that Snail's online. She's reading "The Divine Comedy" by Dante. I told her that I've already read 2 out of three books. She asked me of how my hell will look like. I said," Its easy. My hell will be one where I am strapped to a wall and there are a million children running and screaming around. The only food available will be liver and fish. It'll be as hot as the sun yet my skin will never melt so I could feel the pain of the scorching heat."

I asked her how her hell will look like and all she said was, "My hell will be one room and my mother will be in it with me for all eternity." Hahaha. Nice one.

After this, Im going to meet Violet and Den for dinner. GOD I haven't seen them in the longest time. I hope this dinner plan pushes through.

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