Saturday, February 28, 2009

Making Good by Stephanie J. Block Lyrics

*Thanks to the person who corrected the few lines I got wrong*
There was someone who e-mailed me asking for the lyrics of the song Making Good from the Broadway Musical Wicked. Apparently its hard to find. So what I did was listen to the song a couple of times and write the lyrics down. Now, the lyrics should be 99.8% accurate coz theres one line in the beggining that I'm not sure about but thats what I heard from the song. Anyway, instead of me sending it to numerous people, why dont I just share it with the world. So here ya go:

"Making Good"

That hatched-faced hag who is pointing at me with a sneer I don’t see her
Those giggling girls with those whispers they want me to hear, I don’t hear them
The boy with the spitball behind me
If I suddenly turn – oh look he’s lost his nerve
Right now I’m their prey
Right now I’m their quarry
But there’ll come a day
They all will be sorry
And sorry will be all that they deserve
At long long last im making my way out of here
Erase the past it’s as of today
Clean and clear
Today I start my quest
To find my special destiny
Do more that just the best I could
‘Coz in my gut I know I can do something great
I don’t know what yet but when I’m through just you wait
When they see all I’ve done
They’ll tell me you’re so wonderful
We wish back then we’d understood
You’d be making good
Good.. I’ll be making good
Undertaking new inventions or discoveries
Maybe find a cure for some disease
Maybe I could make world hunger cease
Or else maybe paint a masterpiece
Something that astounds
Something that amazes
Something that has everybody singing my praises
At long long last I’m taking my turn and my oh my
Just watch how fast I’m going to learn how to fly
Just watch the lightning strike
And when they see what I can do
All Oz will love me like they should
In all likelihood
Once I’m making good
Unlimited my future is unlimited
And I’ve just had a vision almost like a prophecy
I know
You can call me crazy and true the visions hazy
But I swear someday there’ll be a celebration throughout Oz
That’s all to do with me
You’ll see…
How at long long last they’re cheering my name and what’s more
Guess what old bastards come here to claim
Credit for
This magic child of his
To say how proud he is of me
For doing things the wizard could not even contemplate
So you can
Go ahead and laugh till your sides are aching
But if I do have the wonders I feel waking
You’ll be cheering after I am finished making good
Not making good
Making great


Anonymous said...

Good job on the lyrics of Making Good by Stephanie J. Block.

I just have some minor changes I wanted you to be aware of (in caps):

1)That hatched-faced hag WAS pointing at me with a sneer.

2)The boy with the SPITBALL behind me, If I suddenly turn - oh look he's lost his NERVE.

3)We wish BACK then we'd understood.

4)Guess what old bastards come here to claim CREDIT FOR.

5) This magic child OF HIS.

Hope this helps. Flip in LA who loves Wicked

Adam said...

Thanks. Thats why I wrote that its was 99.8% accurate. LOL. Well now it makes more sense. Who's playing Elphaba in LA? Coz in New York its currently Nicole Parker.