Thursday, February 12, 2009

Last Sunday

Finally I've found time to update my blog. I only get to go online from time to time because of my busy schedule. Well last sunday, me and my friends went to Riverview which is a resort here. Its in the outskirts of town, about 45 minutes from the city. We decided to go there because it was the birthday celebration of my friend Marichu. So we all met up at around 8AM in town then we went to buy food, drinks, and of course cigarretes. It was Me, Jet, and Reuben who were first there then lyve followed and then Marichu arrived with Efren. We did have some problems though. Im not gonna say what it is but lets just say, there was an unwanted guest. Wait that sounds so mean, lets just say that there was this misunderstanding between two of my friends which I think has not been resolved yet. Anyway, despite the problems we encountered in the morning, nothing could stop us from going because this was to celebrate a friends birthday no matter what. So we rode the jeepney and when we got there, it was fun all through out the day. We swam in the different pools and even the hot springs. We used the slides. We played tag. We dared each other on who can stay underwater the longest. Reuben did his couture poses. Jet and I raced underwater and we also played pranks on the others by grabbing the foot or pulling them to the middle of the pool. Marichu was clinging to the edge of the pool because she cant swim. Efren was in the cottage because he's afrdaid of the sun but he joined us eventually after we pushed him into the pool. Lyve complained about the rice being wet or dry or something, I dont know coz I wasn't paying attention. And Eminem was enjoying the slides. We took a zillion photos and of course we had fun plus we had chicken for lunch. Yum!!!

After that, my friends went to my house and finished the bottle of wine Marichu bought. Too bad our friend Ralph couldn't make it. Well there will always be next time.

Eminem, Reuben(eyes closed), Jet, Me, and Marichu.

Eminem, Me, and Marichu

Eminem, Marichu, Me, and Jet (head)

Us at the cottage.

Eminem and me making the same face. I honestly didn't know.

Well at least we had fun and thats all that matters. Happy Birthday Marichu. You just turned a year older. I'll call you Ate one of these days. Hehe...


Anonymous said...

First of all anton, YOU were the one who insisted that i come along. "sige na Marilyve, SUMAMA KA NA", REMEMBER???? Unwanted guest you say? 'di sana sinabi mo na nung nasa sunshine tayo para di na humaba ang usapan.

Second of all, the misunderstanding is between me and reuben like you so said, and i don't see the reason for you to treat me like i wasn't there. I still wonder why you did that but I don't let that bother me anymore dahil nagyari na.

You don't talk to me, harap-harapan mo akong sina-silent diss sa ibang tao and you gather all your 'friends' to make me think na wala akong kasama at walang kakampi.

Well hindi ako tinatablan nyan, dahil kahit hindi ko kayo kasama, I still have a lot of people with me, hindi lang si jet, si epang at si reuben ang kaibigan ko, and I am not afraid to be ALONE becoz unlike you, i don't equate being alone with being LONELY AND FRIENDLESS.

Being acquainted with you this past weeks had been hard on me.You don't give a heck, I get that, I clearly do, but i don't deserve this.

I love you Anton, you're my friend, I don't know why i still think of you as one when you clearly don't see me as one. I'm sorry for saying all of this on you comment page but this is the only way i can get my message across because you never talk. I know I'm rehashing old issues if you want to put it that way but what do you want me to do? Just take your punches and don't complain? I'm not your punching bag anton, stop treating me like one.

I never wanted having any misunderstanding with you but you're clearly enjoying it.

I love you anton, Talk to me.

Adam said...

You think I care if you comment on my page? Magcomment ka hanggang sa gusto mo. You wanna know why i insisted na sumama ka? Because I felt sorry for you. I felt sorry that we could enjoy our weekend. I know you read Reuben's text messages on one of my phones. Its true that we would prefer Reubens company because unlike you alam nyang lumugar. He knows when its time to joke around and when to be serious which clearly you dont get.

Hindi ka tinatablan you say? Then why did you comment on my page? You wonder why Reuben does not care if we make fun of him? Its because he knows that when me and jet make fun of him, its clearly a joke whereas when you make fun of him...NAKAKAINSULTO.

You wanna know why I dont talk? Its because you dont listen. You pretend to listen but when push comes to shove you throw everything back at me. How can I talk to someone who would answer back with "SO?", "AND?", "DO I LOOK LIKE I CARE?".

So we both have different definitions of the word ALONE. At least I dont wear a mask that gives off the facade that I'm so strong and invincible. You try to pull off this "Im so strong", "Im so invicible" thing but when in fact you 're vulnerable once that mask is taken off.

I tried to confront you once to the point that I snapped back at the teacher who tried to interfere. But what did you do? You ran away.

You wanna spill your sentiments on my blog? Then go! You know how I can lash out.

If you wanna talk to me then talk to me and dont give me the same answers you gave Jet when he confronted you such as "So im immature?", "So im selfish?", "So its my fault?". Yes lyve, I was awake at that time dahil ang lalakas ng boses nyo.

And one final thing. Though I can moderate the comments on my blog, I decided to publish yours to get it out in the open.